Off Road Tyres

Schumacher Racing have World renowned tyres in many categories, we also distribute the excellent JConcepts tyres. Click the links to find guides.
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SPIRAL 1/8th Pre-Glue - Yellow (pr)
Item No. U6722 Low stock
Swagger 4WD Front-Pink Compound 2.2" Buggy
Item No. JC3166-010 Out of stock
Swaggers, Pink-Pre-Mounted on 3376W Wheels
Item No. JC3137-101011 Low stock
Pin Downs-Pink-(fits 2.2" Truck Wheel)
Item No. JC3163-010 Low stock
Pin Swag-Pink (fits-2.2" Buggy Rear)
Item No. JC3180-010 Low stock
Renegades - Monster Truck Tires - Blue
Item No. JC3168-01 Low stock
Swaggers-Pink-(2.2" 2WD "Slim" Front Wheel)
Item No. JC3137-010 Low stock
Hunk-Green-Performance 1.9" Scaler Tire
Item No. JC3089-02 Low stock
Double Dees-Green-(fits 1.7")-RC10 Tires
Item No. JC3087-02 Out of stock
Twin Pins, Pink-Pre-Mounted on 3348Y Wheels
Item No. JC3190-201021 Low stock
Animal-Yellow-Tremor Wheel Pre-Mount
Item No. JC3154-3045 Low stock
Blockers-Green Compound (fits 1/8th Buggy)
Item No. JC3150-02 Out of stock
Monster Truck Tire - Blue Compound
Item No. JC3147-01 Low stock
Sprinter-Pink-Pre-Mount, Yellow Wheels
Item No. JC3102-201091 Low stock
Sprinter-Pink-Pre-Mount, White Wheels
Item No. JC3102-101091 Low stock