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Aerial Tube - Pack 4
Item No. U119 In stock
Velcro 1/2metre x 16mm.
Item No. U122 In stock
Wing Mount Set - Off Road
Item No. U3850 In stock
Servo Arms
Item No. U2231 In stock
Aerial Mount - Universal
Item No. U1042 In stock
Talon Wing Clear - 1/10th Off Road
Item No. U5117 Out of stock
Wing - Talon 1/10th Off Road - Black
Item No. U5114 Out of stock
Wing -Talon 1/10th Off Road - White
Item No. U5113 Out of stock
Instruction Manual - CAT K1 Aero
Item No. U4504 Low stock
Ball Grippa Sockets - (pk 8)
Item No. U2989 In stock
Bumpers & Diff Covers - CAT K1
Item No. U4142 In stock
Servo Mounts - CAT K1
Item No. U4137 Low stock
C/F Front Shock Mount - CAT K1 Aero
Item No. U4505 Low stock
Decal Sheet - CAT K1 Aero
Item No. U4506 Low stock
C/F Rear shock Mount - Cougar KF
Item No. U4476 Low stock
C/F Topdeck - CAT K1 Aero
Item No. U4503 In stock
C/F Chassis 2mm - CAT K1 Aero
Item No. U4502 Low stock
Front Transmission Brace - CAT K1
Item No. U4146 Low stock
CF LiPo Straps & Adhesive Pads - CAT K1
Item No. U4144 Out of stock
Side Pods - CAT K1
Item No. U4141 Low stock
Moulded LiPo Spacer - CAT K1
Item No. U4140 Low stock

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