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Introducing the New Icon 2, 1/10th Competition Formula Car.

2022 IFMAR Wold Cup Winner!

The Icon platform is BRCA National winning and MICC championship dominating. Thanks to this and a vast amount of racing experience from our strong team of drivers and engineering team, the Icon 2 is the natural evolution of an already fantastic chassis.

It boasts a wide range of new refinements to increase performance, reduce lap times and improve durability.

New – Gear Differential offering an improved cornering ability in the majority of conditions. On power steering is improved along with corner entry stability. The car will also drive much flatter and have more predictability in high traction conditions. The ball differential can still be used and is likely to be an improvement only in very low traction conditions.
New – Left hand rear wheel clamp design. This new one piece, rotationally balanced design is lighter, simpler and the perfect match for our new differential. It may also be used with the ball differential.
New – All new design for the rear wing mounting assembly, featuring 7075 Aluminium lower, and C/F upper components. Style, centre of gravity, durability and stiffness has been improved in this area.
New – V2 damper rods with a much larger internal hole diameter. This could simply be seen as a weight reduction over the v1, however, its primary purpose is to allow for easier filling with damping oil. A larger quantity of oil can be used, leading to a much longer lasting, consistent damping and therefore less frequent maintenance is required.
New – Side link mounts for increased durability.
New – Front end chassis posts for increased durability.
New – Simplified and stylish front wing mounting using thread inserts. Narrow front wishbone position clearance added for when using the narrow camber strap options.
New – Optional camber strap for reduced camber when using the narrow front end width on the wishbones. (U8358)
New – Flanged, alloy rear wheel nuts for improved concentricity between the drive axle and rear wheels for smoother running.

• - Hollow and lightweight steel rear diff axle included. New - Optional carbon fibre gear diff axle (U8353) can be used for further weight reduction.
• - Full length carbon fibre chassis for increased cornering predictability and improved rear traction suspension system.
• - Carefully increased longitudinal stiffness using a combination of topdeck and side brace design.
• - Unique wing mounting position for optimum wing performance.
• - Fully adjustable front end (Wheelbase, track width, ride height, toe, camber, caster, damping, bump steer and ackermann).
• - Super quick and fully adjustable castor using digital caliper or steel rule, and castor chart in the manual.
• - Lipo mounting using o-ring fixing with easy loop over design. Catering for wide range of ‘Shortie’ type LiPo shapes and sizes.
• - Compatible with Core-RC CR721 Solid axle design.
• - Aluminium servo mounts
• - Thread inserts make working on the car quick and simple.
• - Lightweight independent roll and bump springs with low centre of gravity.
• - Ultra-low motor position.
• - Lightweight low centre of gravity CNC alloy rear transmission housings.
• - Adjustable anti-squat and pro squat, independent of droop setting.
• - Ultra-balanced rear pod assembly.
• - Full range of optional springs, front, side and rear.
• - Fully adjustable body mounting system.
• - Optimised steering geometry for precise handling.
• - Chassis balance pivot holes. For use with U3582 pivot set. To optimise left/right weight distribution.
• - Slotted centre pivot design to prevent binding, with adjustment screw to ensure zero unwanted free movement.
• - Extra low rear roll centre.
• - Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.
• - Adjustable rear ride height using interchangeable inserts with improved fitment (0.25mm increments).
• - Adjustable front ride height using optional slide in alloy spacers. (0.25mm increments).
• - Lightweight rear droop adjustment.
• - High tensile steel hex screws used throughout.
• - High quality easy to follow instruction manual.
• - Mon-Tech front and rear black wings included in the kit.
• - Accepts a huge range of industry standard body shells, motors, batteries, servos and speed controllers.
• - Speed Secret - Mass damper for front and rear.
• - Speed Secret - -6mm track width camber strap offers huge track width shift with only one new part.

Equipment Needed
2 Channel Radio
Low Profile Servo
Electric Speed Control
Wheels & Tyres
2S Shorty Lipo Battery
Bodyshell & Paint
Motor Pinion 48DP
Icon 2 Specification 
Power Source:ELECTRIC
Top Speed:
40 MPH +

Instruction Manual, Exploded Diagram Set Up's & Spares

Instruction Manual
Icon 2 Exploded Diagram
Set Up Sheets
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