Radio Gear - 17.1-20.0 kg-cm

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Sanwa PGS-XR2 Servo
Item No. SA107A54566A Out of stock
Sanwa SRG-BX Type R Servo
Item No. SA107A54385A Low stock
KO RSx3-Response Servo
Item No. KO30123 In stock
KO BSx3 One 10 Power Servo - Low profile
Item No. KO30213 Out of stock
KO Servo - BSx2 Response HC - .09 - 15.4Kg
Item No. KO30201 Out of stock
KO RSx3-Response H.C. Servo
Item No. KO30121 Low stock
Servo (Speed) 1/8 HV .06s 18.4kg
Item No. HSDS2000 Out of stock