Double win in Sweden for Vassmar

27 June 2011

This last weekend round 2 of the swedish 1/10th EP buggy nationals was held in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The track is a quite large dirt track with parts of asphalt and plates and laptimes around 40 seconds. The controlled tyre was Pro-Line Calibers.

Both the Cougars and CAT SX3 cars worked really well the whole weekend and Magnus Vasmar took TQ infront of Tommy Bergfeldt in both classes. The finals saw some close fights for the podium places but Magnus won 2 of the first finals in both classes with a safe gap.


Top 10 2WD:
1. Magnus Vässmar - Schumacher Cougar SV - TQ
2. Niclas Månsson
3. Jan Dahl
4. Daniel Persson
5. Lars Jonsson
6. Peter Eriksson - Schumacher Cougar SV
7. Fredrik Jarl
8. Tommy Bergfeldt - Schumacher Cougar SV
9. Johannes Edrén
10. Thomas Berg - Schumacher Cougar SV

Top 10 4WD:
1. Magnus Vässmar- Schumacher CAT SX3 - TQ
2. Johannes Edrén
3. Tommy Bergfeldt - Schumacher CAT SX3
4. Niclas Månsson
5. Mattias Forsberg
6. Daniel Persson
7. Jan Dahl
8. Lars Jonsson
9. Erik Andersson
10. Stefan Wallberg - Schumacher CAT SX3

Congratulations to Magnus and the team on an awesome weekend!