Great results at German Nationals

09 August 2012


The first weekend of August saw the German Nationals take place in a small town called Singen, located in the far south-west of Germany. The track itself is one of the smallest in the country, with a very bumpy straight, low grip level and a very tight infield.
To make matters worse, the club decided to use LRP 30X as control tyres. Since the performance difference between new and used sets of tyres is huge with those, tyre strategy was critical.
Practice for some drivers started early in the week, but I arrived at the track mid-day Thursday, along with Florian Botzenhart, who just recently joined the Schumacher team.
I was to compete in the modified category, where, apart from Prümper and Rheinard, all the top drivers where present along with some fast locals.
Florian entered stock. It got clear in practice that the title in stock was to be decided between 5 guys including Daniel Wohlgemuth and Alex Stocker.

Practice went well and we soon found a good setup for the very different track conditions.
As qualifying started it was game on.
In modified the first half of the field was clearly set, but the back end of the A-Main was hard fought for. Unfortunately, I only qualified 12th, tied on points with 10th and 11th. Better next time.
In Stock it was the first 5 positions that battled it out the hard way. 2 local drivers showed everybody else the way round, but Florian managed to put himself third on the grid.
In A1, he had a tyre disadvantage, as he already used up his second set of tyres in qualifying so all he could do was let Wohlgemuth and Stocker on new tyres go.
After a hard battle, it was Wohlgemuth to take the win ahead of Tobias Vogel.
A2 was a disaster, when Alex Stocker accidently bumped into Wohlgemuths car at the start.
But this gave Florian room to breathe and he kept his starting position and finished 3rd.
A3 was going to be the deciding final.
Wohlgemuth had a blistering start and soon was all mixed up in fighting with the first and second car.
Hettrich (2nd placed car) soon made a mistake and dropped out of the fight and after Wohlgemuth and Vogel made body contact, it was Florian’s chance to take the lead, which he kept throughout the rest of the run. A great drive to win the last main also meant that he finished runner up.

The final order was Tobias Vogel, ahead of Florian and Daniel Wohlgemuth.
Congratulations Florian. Great start with the new drive!