Ricardo Gama wins in Portugal

02 October 2013

The 4th Round of the Portuguese Electric Touring Car Championship took place in Maiorca track, near Figueira da Foz. The weather was a typical Portuguese summer day, with 32Cº ambient and the track reaching high 40's.

In the Stock Class, Ricardo Gama (Schumacher/Nosram) took the TQ winning 3 of the 4 rounds:

TOP3 after 4 qualifying rounds;
1-Ricardo Gama (Schumacher/Nosram) Team Cardoso-Modelismo
2-Rui D'Almeida (Top/Nosram)
3- Pedro Canastra (Yokomo/Nosram)

The first final was once again total domination by Gama, making a flawless driving trough the 7 minutes final making is intentions very clear to wrap up the championship by the end of the day.
The second Final was another different story. Pedro Canastra makes an excellent start and was suddenly at the rear bumper of Gama making  constant pressure and searching for an error by the leader. Gama fails is breaking point and Canastra takes the lead at the middle of the race. Few meters behind, Rui D'Almeida and Fernando Cardoso (Schumacher/Nosram) were fighting for the 3rd place and for precious points for the Vets Championship. Suddenly Gama makes a great recovery and stick close to Canastra's rear bumper until a small mistake by the Yokomo driver, at the slowest part of the very demanding track of Maiorca, puts Gama on the lead again and rapidly extending is gap. Near the end of the Race the leader loses a front wheel and retires. Canastra 1st, D'Almeida 2nd and  Cardoso 3rd.
At the last Stock Final, Gama puts it all together and makes another flawless driving from start to end and takes the 1st place, with Canastra in 2nd and D'Almeida in 3rd.



Top 3 Final Results:
1-Ricardo Gama (Schumacher/Nosram)
2-Pedro Canastra (Yokomo/Nosram)
3-Rui D'Almeida (Top/Nosram)

With 4 wins and 4 TQ's in 4 rounds, Gama claims is first National tittle in the Portuguese Electric Touring Car Championship-Stock Class.

Gama personally thanks to Fernando Cardoso Team Cardoso-Modelismo (www.cardoso-modelismo.com) for all is support with Schumacher and Nosram, Ti Nani, João Martinho and João Grosso.