Mike Brown Wins Big in US

11 September 2014

5th Annual NW Invitational Dominated by Schumacher Team Driver Mike Brown.

On September 5th – 7th, Dave’s RC Track in Hubbard, Oregon hosted the 5th Annual NW Invitational race on a glorious weekend of outdoor fun in the blazing sun.

Mike Brown dominated the Invitational with his poise and rock solid composure on and off the stand not to mention his amazing Schumacher Cougar KR. The car was incredible as was the driving. The Reedy format allowed for 8 heats to be held and all 8 heats Mike Brown was able to dominate taking 1st place 8 out of 8 times!

The track was like something from the past you would start the race with medium grip and end the race wondering how you kept the buggy from drifting every corner. Nothing could faze Mike Brown that day his driving was phenomenal and his car was beyond belief.

Mike Brown’s home track is high/med traction clay so the odds were stacked against him for this race because Dave’s Tracks was a loose traction, but against the odds is exactly where Mike Brown likes to be! Underdog or not Mike Brown was determined to take home the win!
Congratulations to Mike Brown from all at Schumacher Racing on an awesome and totally dominating victory!
Many thanks to Mike Andrade for the race report and also to 2wdmod.com for the use of the photos.