Schumacher GP Series 2019-20

15 August 2019
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We are pleased to announce that the Schumacher GP series will again take place over the indoor season.

The 3 race series will be held at the fantastic MB Raceway in Leeds and will cater for GT12, Touring and LMP12 classes. There will be a host of prizes from Schumacher and MB Models. The best 2 from 3 scores to be combined to be the Schumacher GP Series champion 2019-20.


Saturday September 28th 2019
Saturday December 28th 2019
Sunday March 29th 2020


- GT12
- Touring - 17.5T Blinky 'Hobbywing Handout'
- Touring - 13.5T Blinky
- LMP12 - 13.5T Blinky

All classes will run to BRCA Rules, the GT12 class will run on Contact 'Green Stripe' the Touring class on Sorex XG-28RK and LMP12 on 'Orange Stripe' Control Tyres.

4 Qualifiers, 1 final format. (Entries dependant)

The new one for this year is 17.5T Blinky 'Hobbywing Handout', your rented motor will be included in your entry fee for the day. Pick it up at booking in and return it after the race. We have used this system for our BTCC this year and it has worked excellently. The maximum gear ratio will be 3.5

GT12 Tyres
JGCF - GT12 Atom Front 40Sh Control Tyres 44mm
JGCR - GT12 Atom Rear 37Sh Control Tyres 46mm

Or for older cars (SupaStox, & GT etc)
JMCF - GT12 SS Front 40Sh Control Tyre 44mm
JMCR - GT12 SS Rear 37Sh Control Tyre 46mm

Touring Tyres

LMP12 Tyres
JTCF - 1/12 Front 32Sh Control Tyre 44mm
JTCR - 1/12 Rear 30Sh Control Tyre 46mm

Entry Fee will be £15 for GT12, 13.5 Touring & LMP12. 17.5T Hobbywing Handout class will be £20 which includes the rental of your motor. Bring your own control tyres or buy them on the day from MB Models.

There will be a 100 driver limit, initially 50 x GT12, 16 x 17.5T Hobbywing Handout Touring, 24 x 13.5T Touring, 10 x LMP12

Entries and paypal payment will be taken through on a first come first served basis.

MB Raceway
Rothwell Lane,
LS26 8HN

Refunds only available if notified 2 weeks prior to event. Refund amount is £14.

Booking in closes on the Thursday 12am Midnight before each race.