Schumacher GP Bilbao-Spain

10 September 2019
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This last weekend the second edition of the Schumacher GP Bilbao was held at the club Carbi track.
The race would see all the previous records of fastest lap and overall time broken and was very competitive with Lloyd Storey making the trip over from the UK, going up against several Spanish frontrunners and local star Daniel Ortiz.
Lloyd made it very difficult for Daniel Ortiz, with some very close racing that delighted everyone present.
In the end, Daniel Ortiz made his local advantage count and took a hard fought win from Lloyd in second and Javier Fernandez in third.

Final results:

Final A

1º-Daniel Ortiz-Schumacher Laydown
2º-Lloyd Storey-Schumacher Laydown
3º-Javier Fernandez-Schumacher Laydown

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Final B

1º-Pete Lyons-Schumacher Laydown
2º-Iban Hernadez-Schumacher Laydown
3º-Daniel Torres-Schumacher Laydown

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Final C

1º-Enrique Temprano-Schumacher Laydown
2º-Jose Javier Rodriguez-Schumacher Laydown
3º-Alvaro Temprano-Schumacher Laydown

A big thank you to Joserra and the Carbi team for hosting the race.