2WD Options Updated

04 July 2024
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We are pleased to inform you of two updated 'V2' versions of popular items for the LD3 and ST2 2WD cars.
Heaviest of the optional pivot blocks available in brass, weighing 30g.

This new V2 version from 05/06/2024 is now 30g rather than the original 41g.

The alternative alloy one at 10.9g is U8211.

U8212 - Brass Pivot Block V2 - 30g - LD2/3, ST2 - £29.99

Alloy 5 Deg yokes for the latest 2WD Off Road cars the LD3 and ST2.

Increase durability over the plastic kit version.

New V2 version from 06/2024 including adjustable lock stop screw, which can accurately enable you to set steering lock.

U8574 - Alloy 5 Deg Yokes V2 (pr) - ST2, LD3 - £32.99
In Stock.