New Atom LP Front End Camber Strap

21 February 2018

We are happy to introduce this additional camber strap for the U7280 - Low Profile Front End - Atom / CC
It performs these key functions;

- 1.5mm extra clearance to the wheel to allow super easy ride height changes by
removing only 4 screws.
- Slotted design provides a 0.5°- 2.5° camber adjustment window. Set camber with
central adjustment nut and then fix by tightening the 4 top screws to prevent any dynamic
camber change and ensure BRCA legality**.
- Simple setup of 0.5° camber by attaching the new strap and removing the central nut.

Instruction Sheet

U7439 - Atom LP Front End Camber Strap - £4.99

** If you are set to compete at BRCA sanctioned events you will require this camber strap to ensure your car is legal.  Customers who have already purchased the U7280 - Low Profile Front End - Atom / CC can obtain one of these camber straps free of charge directly from Schumacher Racing.  

To easily obtain one please click the email link below, including your name and address and we will put one in the post for you.**