Cougar KC Transmission Upgrade

31 May 2018
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In an attempt to always bring improvements, we are happy to release new belts and pulleys for the popular Cougar KC 2WD car.
The new belts are made from a durable polyurethane material and are available in 4 lengths for the 4 Cougar KC motor positions. 59T for position 4, 71T for position 3, 99T for position 2 and 113T for position 1.
To go with the belts is a restyled v2 layshaft pulley featuring a new tooth profile optimised for the polyurethane belts.

The gear diff pulley has already been upgraded to the new tooth profile for the CAT L1 4WD and is compatible with the Cougar KC 2WD.

The new belts, especially when combined with the new pulleys, significantly improve belt life, and are recommended for more aggressive drivers and higher grip tracks. They can also be run with less belt tension which increases efficiency, resulting in better acceleration and cooler motor temperatures.