CS Space X3 Competition Charger

29 November 2019
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We are super happy to offer this fantastic new charger from long time partner CS Electronic.


The Space X3 Competition Charger consists of 2 independent fast chargers with an extremely powerful 240V / 300W power adapter. Both charging outputs charge in parallel with power up to 2 x 16A and 300W for all battery types. For lithium batteries, the charging process is additionally controlled by two built-in and calibrated 2-6S XH balancers.

Top Features:

- 2 x 16A charging current at the same time in DC and mains operation!
- 300W charging power in DC operation!
- 600W charging power in AC / mains operation
- 1A balancer current 
- BFF / Big Flow Fan, temperature controlled and very quiet!
- 3.5 inch LCD color display with lighting 
- Multi-Balancer connector from 2-6S 
- USB connection 5V / 2.1A
- Inductive wireless charging function for mobile phones on top of the housing
- Integrated servo tester
- Integrated motor tester
- Optional 15A / 200W discharge current at output 1 with CS-Electronic 200W Competition Power Discharger (Available soon)
- Discharge Balance Control / Single cell monitoring during unloading

C140300 - CS Space X3 Competition Duo Charger - AC/DC - £189.99
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