New Cougar Laydown Body from Penguin

12 March 2020
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New from Penguin Custom Bodyshells is this Cougar Laydown body, the 'DART'!

The new DART Bodyshell for the Cougar Laydown is specifically designed for low profile LiPo's, ideally 22.5mm and below. 
The body has a low sleek look and a lower centre of gravity. 

Includes overspray film, window masks and Penguin decal. 
Available in standard weight .75 lexan and lightweight .5 lexan 

(Standard height 25mm LiPo's will fit under but do touch the body.)

PCB005 - Penguin Laydown Dart Body Clear + Mask - £17.99
PCB006 - Penguin Laydown Dart Lightweight Body + Mask - £17.99