New Stadium Truck Wheel and Tyres

11 February 2020
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We are pleased to advise that we have added a new 1/10th Stadium Truck Wheel to our range.


 The wheel is moulded from a lightweight material yet the design is super strong. 

 To fit popular 1/10th Stadium Truck tyres.

 12mm Hex fitting to fit popular cars.

 Available in White, Neon Yellow and Black.

U7999 - Stadium Truck Wheel - White - pr - £6.99
U8000 - Stadium Truck Wheel - Neon Yellow - pr - £6.99
U8001 - Stadium Truck Wheel - Black - pr - £6.99

With the new wheel comes pre-glued tyres being available too.  The popular Mini Pin and Stagger Rib are covered on white wheels

U6877 - Stagger Rib-Yell-Truck Tyre - Pre-Glued pr - £24.99
U6878 - Mini Pin - Yell-Truck Tyre - Pre-Glued pr - £24.99
U6879 - Stagger Rib-Silver-Truck Tyre - Pre-Glued  pr - £24.99