New DASH Low Profile Servo

24 July 2020
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Introducing the new low profile servo from DASH
The A10 series SS602 can ultimately deliver up to 0.056sec in speed and it features a dedicated software for Competition in EP racing. Specially tuned with the most accurate potentiometer brand NOBLE from Japan, the SS602 can take advantage of the HD 4096 Resolution, 0.008ms Dead Band to deliver accuracy. The dual ball-raced servo utilizes Chrome and Titanium alloy gears for durability. The Signature Black Golden CNC Machine Case allow the 2 poles Brushless Motor to have maximum Cooling during those heavy stress usages.


Aluminum Case (Upper,Middle,Bottom)
Supports SANWA SSR Mode
Operating Voltage: 6.0~7.4V
Operating Temperature Range: -10 To +60 Degree C
Operating Speed: (6.0V) : 0.068sec / (7.4V) : 0.056sec
Dynamic Torque: (6.0V) : 9.3Kg-cm / (7.4V) : 13.8Kg-cm
Dimension: 40*20*26.4
Weight: 52g
Spline: 25T

DA720602 - DASH SS602 Super Speed Low Profile Servo A10 V2 - £109.99

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