New Shimizu F1 Tyres

05 August 2020
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The newly Schumacher manufactured, legendary Shimizu F1 tyres are now available.
After many months of work and now built on the CRC wheel, these V2 spec pre-glued tyres are best suited to carpet racing.

Available as one front tyre option in soft compound and 2 rear, medium and soft.

XG-571C - Shimizu F1 Fr Tyre Soft - Pre-Glued V2 - pr - £21.49
XG-572C - Shimizu F1 Rear Tyre Med - Pre-Glued V2 - pr - £22.99
XG-575C - Shimizu F1 Rear Tyre Soft - Pre-Glued V2 - pr - £22.99

In Stock Now!