New Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion Combo System

06 August 2020
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Coming from Hobbywing is this all new QuicRun Fusion brushless combo system for crawlers.

A fully integrated 540 size motor and speed control in a single housing.

Integrated design of Hobbywing's patent technology

The integrated design of the ESC makes the overall volume is only the size of 550 motor, and the overall weight is only 201g, which makes the layout and wiring of car
frame simpler and more beautiful, perfectly solves the difficulty of wiring due to the small internal space of rock crawler. 

Intelligent Torque Output & Speed Closed-loop Control for Easy Control

The Fusion system combined with Intelligent Torque output and closed loop speed control mean the power system will maintain the motor’s Torque level and RPM as the
vehicles conditions change. Uphill, downhill, under load, the intelligent output torque makes the operation so simple.


Scale - 1/10th
Brushed/Brushless - Brushless
Sensored/Sensorless - Sensored
Cont./Peak Current - 40A/160A
Input Voltage - 2-3S Lipo/6-9 Cell NiMH
BEC Output - 6V/7.4V adjustable, continuous current 4A (Switch mode)
Motor KV - 1200KV,1800KV

(Further details click link below)

HW30120400 - QUICRUN Combo-Fusion-1200KV - £149.99
HW30120401 - QUICRUN Combo-Fusion-1800KV - £149.99