New CORE RC Greases

21 October 2020
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New from CORE RC are these awesome multi purpose greases.

Extensively tested by our engineering department and factory race team to have you covered for all applications.

Supplied in larger than normal 10ml pots which provides great value too.

Distinctive CORE RC branding keeping your pit area on point.

The red high performance lithium complex grease is best for lubrication of plastic gears, universal joints, and driveshaft bone pins/blades and diff output interfaces.  Suitable for a higher temperature than the CR754 multi purpose grease. 

CR752 - CORE RC High Performance Lithium Grease  - 10ml - £5.99

Widely used silicon ball diff grease, for use on the main balls of a diff.  Stable and consistent for many runs.  100% Pure silicone.

CR753 - CORE RC Silicone Ball Diff Grease  - 10ml - £3.99

A general purpose lower cost lithium grease, suitable for plastic gears, universal joints and metal interfaces.

CR754 - CORE RC Multi Purpose Lithium Grease - 10ml - £3.99

Molybdenum or better known as Moly grease, mainly used for thrust races in ball diffs but also good for metal gears and CVD's for its high loading properties.  Not to be used on plastics.

CR755 - CORE RC Molybdenum Thrust Race Grease - 10ml - £3.99

All in stock now.