Schumacher Mass Damper Set

20 November 2020
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We are pleased to bring you the latest in Schumacher's competition racing design innovations, the Mass Damper Set.

The Schumacher mass damper will reduce the effect small bumps have on the car.  Changing the mass and oil used will alter the amount of damping.

The tuned mass damper will move out of phase with the vibrations caused by bumps.   This helps to keep the tyres in contact with the track , offering improved traction and lap times.  This also helps with improved curb riding capability.

Can be used on any car where space allows it to be fixed to the chassis.

Use either the 23g or 12g mass depending on track conditions.

Use the shims to alter the preload on the springs. We recommend using FOUR shims.

Fill the damper shaft with oil until it comes out of all the holes, then spread it around the shaft.

U8137 - Mass Damper Set - £19.99

In Stock Now.