New CORE RC Bearing Cleaning Shaker

29 March 2021
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New from CORE RC is this bearing cleaning shaker.  

The shaker allows you to simply and conveniently clean or degrease new or used bearings by placing them in the container's metal insert and adding cleaning solution such as bearing blaster or brake cleaner.  A quick shake with the bearings inside removes dirt and grease ready to dry out and re-oil ready for use. 

Sized at 75 x 40 mm, small and easy to transport. 

The shaker can also be used for cleaning and de-oiling gear diffs during rebuilds.

Combine the new CORE RC Bearing Cleaning Shaker with our recommended cleaning and re-oiling products.

- Schumacher Bearing Blaster is 500ml of pure cleaning power in a can. (Air shipping restrictions apply)

- ZX1 Microlube is our go to bearing oil for super free and hi speed bearing performance.

H1031 - Bearing Blaster Aerosol 500ml - £3.99

G200 - ZX1 - Microlube Oil - £6.99