Cougar LD2 Launched

07 June 2021
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Introducing the new Schumacher Cougar LD2 and LD2 'Stock Spec' competition 2WD buggies.
The Cougar LD2 is the ultimate buggy for 2WD Off Road racing. It is fast, light, and now features an even lower centre of gravity for improved cornering speed.

It is a very versatile platform, with outstanding performance on a wide range of grip levels, from carpet to astro to dirt. The LD2 has been designed to be easy to drive and user friendly for the most enjoyable racing experience.

It is backed by Schumacher’s world class international racing team who will put the LD2 at the top of the podium all over the world.

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 Front end, enables zero and minus five wheelbase lengths, without the need of an additional chassis.

 2.5mm aluminium chassis, with sensor lead wiring channels.

 90° phased lightweight steel CVD driveshafts.

 Easy access battery fitting system with multiple fitting options.

 Low drop wing mount.

 Class leading front suspension geometry with durable components and a range of optional alloy parts, offering more adjustments to set up your LD2 for all track conditions.

- Front 5 deg yokes with adjustable roll centre heights.

- Triple position equipment mounting plate.

- ‘Gull Wing’ wishbones with anti roll bar option.

- Durable, lightweight, ball mounted, two piece shock cap with bleed screw.

- Front camber captive ball joints.

- 12mm Hex Wheels with industry standard offset.
The Cougar LD2 STOCK SPEC has the following differences to the standard MOD car.

• Carbon Filled Transmission Housings.
• Slipper Lockout Assembly.
• Carbon Fibre Chassis.
• Alloy Layshaft.
• Carbon Fibre Motor Plate.
• Ultra Light Bodyshell.