Atom 2 Hex Wheel Axle and Contact Tyres

14 July 2021
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New for the Atom 2 GT12 is this spool set, incorporating single bolt fixing hex wheels.

This Option Part is specifically designed for medium to high grip conditions.  
The new spool set improves direction change, on-power steering and predictability in high grip conditions. Whilst being drastically lighter than the kit differential, this set offers a weight reduction compared to the Core RC 3 bolt option as well, and therefore improves acceleration.

The new hex wheel design offers improved flexibility characteristics and performance.  The single bolt fixing makes changing tyres faster, and maintenance is also greatly reduced compared to the differential.

The weight saving of this option compared to a diff is 16.8g

The weight saving compared to the Core RC 3 bolt option is 4.9g

Includes 64T 48dp spur gear.

This option part makes use of the new ‘Hex’ style Contact wheels with part numbers starting JG2, such as JG2-35RT, JG2-40RT and JG2CR.

U8172 - GT12 Hex Lightweight Spool Set - £34.99

To true the new wheels we suggest the use of J016 Contact Truer Arbour and Clamp for industry standard tyre truers.