SKY RC Airsoft-Air Rifle Chronograph

21 July 2021
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Something a little different from SKY RC!

Know the speed of your Bullet with this Airsoft/Air Rifle Chronograph.
ASC010 is an airsoft chronograph of high accuracy and quality, which not only can measure muzzle velocity and ROF but also can auto-calculate MAX, MIN, AVG speed, energy and Joule/cm2. With the extra-large calibre of 36mm, it is suitable for different ammo from 4.5mm to 18mm. It can support to view the testing data via PC software besides on OLED display.

The last but not least, the ASC010 comes with a mini tripod and mounting hole which can be used to mount on a camera tripod for a better experience.


With an extra-large calibre of 36mm, it is suitable for different ammo from 4.5mm to 18mm. It can support viewing test-data via PC software or directly on the OLED display built into the meter.
Intuitive interface with 128*64 OLED display Auto-calculate MAX, MIN, AVG speed, Energy and Joule/cm² 36mm bore for ammo from 4.5mm to 18mm
Six ammo parameters can be stored for quick selection on the F1 interface 99 sets of test-data can be stored for performance analysing
Tripod mounting hole and mini tripod included
Auto-power off when left idle or when battery is low. Powered by 4 AAA batteries (batteries NOT included) or Micro USB (does not charge batteries when using USB)
Companion software for firmware upgrade & testing data view
Calibrate IR sensor for more accurate detecting


ROF (Range of Fire) Range: 1-60 RPS
Bore Diameter: 36mm
Power: 4x AAA or Micro USB Measurement
Range of Muzzle Velocity: 15m/s-400m/s (45ft/s - 1200ft/s)
Weight: 192g
Size: 100x30x33mm

SK-500031 - SKY RC Airsoft/Air Rifle Chronograph ASC010  - £34.99

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