Schumacher Spanish GP 2022 Barcelona

28 July 2022
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Big weekend in Barcelona, we did it again!!!!

As usual on SCHUMACHER GP SPAIN the most important is create good vibes with all RC fans!
On Saturday the track was open for free practice and our loved Schumacher Driver Mr. Javier Rojo did a spectacular PAELLA!! And the veteran Mr. Antonio Callejón did a special Drink loved for British people on our beaches (Sangria). Yes, for the next year if you are in Northampton thinking where we could go to race overseas?? Maybe SCHUMACHER GP Spain will give you the best food, drinks, atmosphere, and beach!! All in one!

On Sunday the performance of driver was as following:

On Touring Stock 13,5T
1.Carles Echarri
2.Ramon Guasch
3.Luis Crisenti (Schumacher Mi8)
4.David Baena
5.Ruben Sarabia (Schumacher Mi8)
6.Ivan Mir
7.Jose Corral
8.Lucas Marquez
9.Miguel Paredes
10.Jaume Pertegaz

The performance of Schumacher Team was so good fighting to be on the podium and also Mr. José Borja achieved the third position in his Final B wit Mi7 Schumacher.

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On Fwd

1.Javier Rojo
2.Oriol Roig (Mi7 converted to Fwd).
3.Antonio Callejon

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On Truck

1.Raul Galán
2.Antonio Puig
3.Oriol Puig

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Many Thanks to and the Schumacher GP Spain and we will back soon…

Schumacher Spanish Team