New Products from CORE RC

09 January 2023
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We are pleased to introduce two new products from CORE RC.

Firstly replacing the original CORE RC CR521 Super Glue Activator 63ml,  is this new more environmentally friendly activator.

Supplied in an atomiser bottle rather than an  aerosol this is a must in every pit box.

As racers we've all been in the position of noticing a tyre has come unglued just before a vital race.

The CORE RC super glue activator is an easy to use preventative method to stop you frantically blowing on the glue to help it set.

Simply spray on the wet glue area and the activator binds the glue making it usable in seconds.

CR867 - Super Glue Activator 50ml - Glass Bottle +Atomiser - £4.99

Secondly, a new Low strength thread lock.

Supplied in a very handy pit bag sized 3ml plastic bottle this thread lock is of mild strength so you will easily be able to remove screws, but they will be less likely to come unscrewed!

For metal to metal applications. 

CR865 - CORE RC Low Strength Thread Lock 3ml - £1.99

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