New Contact Products

18 January 2023
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Three new products from Contact RC Racing Tyres.

1) New 'K' foam for GT12 and LMP12 cars. 

2) N
ow available separately, protective wheel disks for their range of Oval and SupaStox tyres.

3) And Oval/SupaStox wheels only, with protective disks.

Contact K foam has the potential to offer the lowest outright lap time of any of our foam tyre types. It is particularly good on European tracks when the grip is high or when used on CRC black carpets in America.

K foam is a very durable tyre when used in the correct, high grip conditions. If used in lower grip, it may have less performance than T foam.

Try it for yourself and gain your own opinions!

JG2-30RK - GT12 Hex Rear K Foam 30Sh - 46mm - £7.99
JG2-35RK - GT12 Hex Rear K Foam 35Sh - 46mm - £7.99
JG30RK - GT12 Rear K Foam 30Sh - 46mm - £7.99
JG35RK - GT12 Rear K Foam 35Sh - 46mm - £7.99
JT2-30FK - GT12-1/12 Front K Foam 30Sh - 44mm - £7.99
JT2-30RK - 1/12 Rear 30Sh K Foam - 46mm - £8.99
JT2-35FK - GT12-1/12 Front K Foam 35Sh - 44mm - £7.99
JT2-35RK - 1/12 Rear 35Sh K Foam - 46mm - £8.99
JT3-30RK - 1/12 Hex Rear 30Sh K Foam - 46mm - £8.99
JT3-35RK - 1/12 Hex Rear 35Sh K Foam - 46mm - £8.99

Taking Pre-Orders.


The cool looking disks are glued by the customer on the external face of the wheel to protect the foam from the high rigours of oval racing.

The disk will help prevent tyre chunking on side impacts.

They are included in all JM tyres or now available separately.

JMLB - Oval/Mini Wheel Disk Protectors Black - 4 pr - £2.99
JMLG - Oval/Mini Wheel Disk Protectors Grey - 4 pr - £2.99
JMLW - Oval/Mini Wheel Disk Protectors White - 4 pr - £2.99

Available Now.