New LD2 and L1R Option Parts

24 May 2023
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We are pleased to advise of two new Option Parts for the Cougar LD2 and CAT L1R.
Upgrade your Cougar LD2 to run the same hub configuration as the CAT L1R.

A complete set of parts to add further tuning to your set up.

Adjust the hinge pin position compared to the axle and choose from 10 different upper link positions with the ability to simply adjust the height with washers.

Larger outer bearing for greater stability of the axle and longer bearing life.

U8515 - Rear Universal Hub Upgrade - LD2 - £29.99

These C/F steering arms are aimed at losing steering around the beginning of the travel.  In testing this has allowed the team to use more of the steering throw.  Some high bite tracks mean it is difficult at points to start getting the car into the bends so these steering arms smooth out the corner entry so you can gain some confidence in the turn.

With less outer wheel lock you will find this does not slow the car down by scrubbing off the speed in the turn so will be a crowd favourite in conditions which are a little tricky.

U8539 - C/F Steering Arm 1 Notch - L1R - £4.99

Available Now.