New Fans from LRP

27 September 2023
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Introducing 3 new fans from LRP !
The WorksTeam 30 & 40mm V2 Aluminium High Rev. Motor Fan is made of high quality, 2-colour anodised aluminium, decorated with several engravings.

Development never stops and with the input of LRP team drivers worldwide we took the opportunity to take this already remarkable fan to a new level.

LRP have made several significant improvements, including an advanced circuitry and a redesigned fan blade to provide even more powerful cooling.
In addition, the cable outlet has been moved to the opposite side to better protect the cable when used in Touring Cars.

We also extended the cable length by 20mm, which allows direct connection to the receiver.
The operational voltage range has been increased from 4.8 - 7.2V to 3.7 - 8.4V at receiver (note, no direct connection to 2S drive battery).

The high performance aluminium fans are the heart of the LRP fan series.
Developed in Europe, using a unique fan blade design, combined with specially wound motors for extremely high RPM, they offer maximum thrust and a stylish, classy LRP look.

Screws and full black extension wire included.

LRP501838 - LRP WorksTeam Alu Hi-Rev Motor Fan V2 40x40x10mm - £29.99
LRP501832 - LRP WorksTeam Alu Hi-Rev Motor Fan V2 30x30x10mm - £28.99

The 40 mm WorksTeam SuperHighRev. motor fan is part of the all new 1/8E Motor Cooling System.

This system was successfully used at the 2023 EFRA 1/8 E-buggy European Championships. In scorching heat it kept motor temperatures to an unprecedented low level.

The specially developed electronics result in extreme high rpm and significantly increased airflow. If you connect the fan for the first time you will surely agree.

The 1/8E Motor Cooling System consists of our WorksTeam aluminium fan mount (#LRP501975), WorksTeam SuperHighRev. motor fans (#LRP501847 / #LRP501827) and matching WorksTeam aluminium safety mesh (#LRP501981) to keep the motor cool in any condition.

This fan is also commonly used in 1/10 racing.

LRP501827 - WorksTeam Super High Rev Motor Fan 40x40x10 -1s/2s - £6.99

Available Now.