New Hobbywing EZRUN MAX6 G2 ESC

21 November 2023
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Introducing the Hobbywing EZRUN MAX6 G2 brushless speed control.

Suitable for vehicles such as;

Losi 1/6 Super Baja Rey/Super Rock Rey,Traxxas XRT/X-MAXX/XO-1
ARRMA 1/7 Limitless/Fireteam/Felony/Infraction/Mojave,Cen 1/7 Reeper
ARRMA Kraton 8S/Outcast 8S,HPI Baja 5B
Sensored 8S ESC, Fully upgraded performance.

The Max6 G2 features Hobbywings new water proof sensor system, and also supports sensorless operation. Rated at up to 200 amps the Max6 G2 is ready to take on your high powered 8s builds.  Powerful, smooth, with linear control through the entire RPM range.  The ESC is suited for everything from hard starts, high speed runs,  and low speed response that is unmatched.  The ESC supports up to 8S LiPo.

The maximum continuous output current is as high as 200A

Intelligent freewheeling technology, strong drive, low temperatures.

- Higher Driving Efficiency.
- Lower Operating Temperature. 
- Ultra Dynamic Design.


The innovative intelligent freewheeling technology effectively reduces heat generation and enables the ESC to have higher driving efficiency.  At the same time, operating temperature is drastically lowered to improve overall stability and reliability of the ESC.  
Remarks: Under heavy load conditions, the temperature of MAX6 G2 is comparable to that of MAX5 generation。

Built-in Bluetooth, connect directly to mobile APP.
The ESC has a built-in Bluetooth module.  It is able to connect directly to the mobile phone APP without other devices for parameter setting, data reading, firmware upgrade and other operations.
User friendly ESC made simpler and convenient for users.
Remarks: The data includes throttle, voltage, current, temperature, rpm, etc.

Perfect combination with EzRun 4990/5690 G2 motor
Achieve the perfect compatibility using it together with EzRun 4990/5690 G2 motors.  Avoid damaging the motor from overheating with the software protection function.
Note: Non-Hobbywing EZRUN 4990/5690 G2 motors are unable to detect motor overheat protection.


Scale - 1/6th, 1/7th
Brushed/Brushless - BL
Sensored/Sensorless - SD
Waterproof - Yes

Cont./Peak Current - 200A/1100A

3-8S LiPo

BEC Output
Switch Mode:6V/7.4V/8.4V @8A

Wires & Connectors
Input Wires - Black-10AWG-200MMmm*1 Red-10AWG-200MMmm*1
Input Connectors - 6.5mm Connectors (Female)

ESC Programming via
SET Button on ESC - Not Supported
LED Program Box - Not Supported
LCD G2 Program Box - Not Supported
OTA Programmer - Not Supported
Programming Port - Built in Bluetooth

Size - 35x35x10mm

Output Wires - 5-8.4V

Input Connectors - Powered by BEC

Firmware Upgrade - Supported

Size & Weight
Size - 70X56X45.5mm
Weight - 245g (Including input wires)

Motors - 1/6th&1/7th On-road, Truck, Monster Truck

HW30105100 - EZRUN MAX6 G2 ESC - £174.99

HW30402350 - EZRUN - 5690SD - 1250KV - Black - G2 Motor - £149.99
HW30402450 - EZRUN - 4990SD - 1650KV - Black -G2 Motor - £114.99

Available Now.