October 2022

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Wing and Endplates - ProCat
Item No. U5146 In stock
SKY RC T400Q AC/DC Charger
Item No. SK-100189 In stock
ProCat Classic - Kit
Item No. K193 Out of stock
Sanwa MT-R Radio Set with RX-493i
Item No. SA101A32773A Out of stock
Undertray - ProCat
Item No. U5144 In stock
Servo Saver Set - ProCat
Item No. U8303 In stock
Carbon Fibre Chassis - ProCat
Item No. U8289 In stock
2 Gear Diff Pin - LD/2 L1/Evo
Item No. U8395 In stock
C/F Rear Shock Mount - ProCat
Item No. U8300 In stock
Rear Anti-Roll Bar Set - ProCat
Item No. U8301 Low stock
Decal - ProCat
Item No. U8281 In stock
Front Bumper - ProCat
Item No. U8276 In stock
Mono - Losi Mini-B Front Wheel (Yellow) 4pk
Item No. JC3424Y Out of stock
Mono - Losi Mini-B Front Wheel (White) 4pk
Item No. JC3424W Out of stock
S15- TLR 8ight- X 2.0 / XE Body
Item No. JC0483 Out of stock
S2- B6.4/B6.4D Body w/Carpet/Turf Wing
Item No. JC0474 Out of stock
RM2 Red Hot Tyre Bands - Red
Item No. JC8135 Out of stock
Smoothie 2 - Silver Compound - 2.2" 4WD Front
Item No. JC4019-06 Out of stock