November 2020

Here you will find all the latest new products added to our catalogue in November 2020.
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XERUN AXE R2 Brushless ESC
Item No. HW30112102 Low stock
Icon - Formula - Kit
Item No. K189 In stock
Combo-XERUN AXE550 R2-3300KV-FOC System
Item No. HW38020314 Low stock
Combo XERUN AXE540L R2-1400KV-FOC System
Item No. HW38020311 Low stock
Black Short Y Harness
Item No. SA107A20501A Low stock
PGS-HR Case Set
Item No. SA107A54651A Out of stock
Combo-XERUN AXE540L R2-2800KV-FOC System
Item No. HW38020313 In stock
M17 Battery Rubber
Item No. SA510A37401A Out of stock
Black Lead Harness 150L
Item No. SA107A20512A Low stock
Black Servo Lead
Item No. SA107A20491A Low stock
Battery Cover M17
Item No. SA540A34001A Out of stock
Black Lead Harness 270L
Item No. SA107A20514A Low stock
Black Lead Harness 200L
Item No. SA107A20513A Low stock
Black Lead Harness 50L
Item No. SA107A20511A Low stock
Bind Plug RX-491/493
Item No. SA107A20481A Low stock
Black Pin Housing
Item No. SA107A20382A Low stock
SKY RC e455 AC 50W Charger
Item No. SK-100170 In stock
Combo-XERUN AXE540L R2-2100KV-FOC System
Item No. HW38020312 In stock
Hobbywing OTA Programmer
Item No. HW30850400 Low stock
Curved Tweezers
Item No. MK5631 In stock
Truck Foam Inserts Hard - pr
Item No. U6883 In stock
MR33 Tweak Station
Item No. MR33-TTS Low stock