June 2021

Here you will find all the latest new products added to our catalogue in June 2021.
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Sanwa RX-492 Receiver-WP-FH5/FH5U
Item No. SA107A41383A In stock
Sanwa RX-493 Receiver Case
Item No. SA107A41401A Low stock
SKY RC Silicone Cup for Tyre Warmer
Item No. SK-600064-07 Out of stock
SKY RC Tyre Warmer with Silicone Cups
Item No. SK-600064-06 Out of stock
Cougar LD2 - Kit
Item No. K190 In stock
KO BSx4S-one 10 Grasper 2 Drift Spec Servo
Item No. KO30218 Out of stock
AM 1/10 F1 Gear Diff Set V2
Item No. AM931002V2 Out of stock
AM 1/12 Pan Car Gear Diff Set V2
Item No. AM931001V2 Low stock
Bushing 4 x 6 x 3
Item No. AM931020 Out of stock
EX-LDT w/KR-418FH Double Receiver
Item No. KO80631 Out of stock
Battery Stand Unit - White
Item No. KO10677 Out of stock
EX-NEXT LDT w/KR-420XT Short Double Rec
Item No. KO10668 Out of stock
TX Battery Box 3 (LDT)
Item No. KO16103 Out of stock
LDT Throttle/Brake Lever Set
Item No. KO16069 Out of stock
Balance Terminal Extension Cable
Item No. KO10648 Out of stock
Trigger Pad Set
Item No. KO10647 Out of stock
Expert Grip Unit - LDT
Item No. KO10636 Out of stock
SKY RC Dual Port Safe Parrallel Adapter
Item No. SK-600115 Low stock
AM Pan Car Gear Diff Driveshaft Graphite
Item No. AM931019 Out of stock