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Freemax Technology Co.,Ltd established Arrowmax in the year 2010. The brand insisting on "Quality, innovation and responsibility". The motto of the brand are simple, we always believes "Doing a proper job will require the best tools for it".
Arrowmax are a world-known professional RC model tools and accessories maker. Freemax Technology Co.,Ltd is responsible for research and development at the same time running the Arrowmax brand. Together with its professional designer from Europe and our top-tier professional RC drivers around the world to promote the brand, Arrowmax products are classify as : High-end, professional, exquisite and trendy at the same time. The trade-mark honey-comb design tools handle was first release to the market on 2013 and patent applied. Market reception was over-whelming and this design goes on to become the image products for the brand.

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