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Part No Description   Status Qty Price (incl VAT)
MP10115 MIP 17mm Hex Adapter Kit/Trx Slash 4x4   Out of Stock 24.99 (29.99)   MP10115
MP10130 MIP X-Duty CVD Keyed Rear Axle Kit/Trx   Out of Stock 49.99 (59.99)   MP10130
MP10131 MIP X-Duty CVD Keyed Rr Axle/Trx (1)   Out of Stock 9.99 (11.99)   MP10131
MP10132 MIP X-Duty CVD Keyed Fr Axle Kit/Trx   Out of Stock 49.99 (59.99)   MP10132
MP10142 MIP 3/32 x 5/8 Replacement Cross Pins (4)   Out of Stock 6.66 (7.99)   MP10142
MP10145 MIP Spline Center CVD Kit/Axial SCX10   Out of Stock 43.33 (52.00)   MP10145
MP11101 MIP Spline CVD Kit/Trx Revo & E-Revo   Out of Stock 49.99 (59.99)   MP11101
MP11104 MIP X-DUTY CVD Keyed Kit,Rr/Trx Stampede   Out of Stock 52.49 (62.99)   MP11104
MP11105 MIP X-DUTY CVD Male Bone (1)/Trx EL./Stampede   Out of Stock 9.99 (11.99)   MP11105
MP11106 MIP X-DUTY CVD Keyed Rr Axle Kit/Tr/Rust/Slash   Out of Stock 49.99 (59.99)   MP11106
MP11109 MIP X-Duty CVD Kit & Keyed Axles, Rear,Trx   Out of Stock 49.99 (59.99)   MP11109
MP11110 MIP X-DUTY CVD Keyed Front Axle Kit/Trx   Out of Stock 49.99 (59.99)   MP11110
MP11116 MIP Spline Ceter Drive Kit - Axial Wraith   Out of Stock 49.99 (59.99)   MP11116
MP11117 MIP 5mm Drive Hub, Long - Axial Wraith   Out of Stock 8.33 (10.00)   MP11117
MP11118 MIP 5mm Drive Hub Std - Axial Wraith   Out of Stock 8.33 (10.00)   MP11118
MP1147 MIP-CVD 1/4 Rebuild Kit/X-DUTY/1/8/MT   Out of Stock 9.16 (10.99)   MP1147
MP12140 MIP 12mm Hex Adpt Keyed, X-Duty CVD,Trx   Out of Stock 4.16 (4.99)   MP12140
MP12156 CO-MIP Hard Coated Alum Top Shaft   Out of Stock 4.99 (5.99)    
MP13260 MIP Race Duty CVD Kit, Front/Trx/Stampede   Out of Stock 39.99 (47.99)   MP13260
MP13270 MIP Race DUTY CVD Kit, Rear, Trx/Stampede   Out of Stock 39.99 (47.99)   MP13270
MP13360 Centre Drive Kit, Axial SCX10   Out of Stock 41.66 (49.99)   MP13360
MP14185 MIP X-DUTY CVD Kit, Vaterra Halix, R/Cross   Out of Stock 53.33 (64.00)   MP14185
MP14233 MIP Pucks, Alum Male Outdrives   Out of Stock 9.99 (11.99)   MP14233
MP14234 MIP Pucks, Alum Female Outdrive   Out of Stock 9.99 (11.99)   MP14234
MP14295 CO-MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit   Out of Stock 28.33 (34.00)   MP14295
MP14390 MIP X-DUTY Rear C-Drive Kit, Axial Yeti   In Stock 29.99 (35.99)  
MP15010 MIP Machined T-Nut, .250 Bore   Out of Stock 6.66 (7.99)   MP15010
MP15080 CO-MIP 17.5 Eco All in 1 Topshaft   Out of Stock 4.99 (5.99)    
MP15160 MIP 1/5th Scale, Header Gasket (1)   Out of Stock 6.66 (7.99)    
MP15190 MIP Roller Pucks, .150 x .093 Rebuild Kit   Out of Stock 9.99 (11.99)   MP15190
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