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NOSRAM 2018 Lipo Lineup  05/01/2018

We are pleased to bring you the latest 2018 Lipo Batteries from NOSRAM.

These are coming through now and legal to use in BRCA sanctioned events from 1st April 2018.

Click the links below to see specific information on each pack

Graphene-2 cells
-The next step in graphene development!
-More power – weight optimized!

High voltage technology
-Max power hv-lipo cells!

Improved lifetime
-Significantly improved lifetime when charged to 4.20v/cell!

P5 5mm gold contact connector system
-Reduced resistance due to larger contact surface!
-Free 5mm gold works team connectors included!

Hv-lipo cells - can be charged up to 4.35v/cell
- 3C charge current - extremely fast yet safe to recharge
- Approved by the following federations:
- 120C/60C lipo power - no memory effect,
- Extremely long lifetime.
- NOSRAM quality approved

NR999546 - Lipo 8000 P5-HV TC Stock Spec-120C-7.6V - £94.99

NR999547 - Lipo 6400 P5-HV TC LCG Spec 120C-7.6V - £75.99

NR999548 - Lipo 5500 P5-HV TC Ultra LCG 120C-7.6V - £67.99

NR999549 - Lipo 5800 P5-HV Shorty Stock Spec 120C-7.6V - £71.99

NR999551 - Lipo 6600 P5-1/8 Offroad Stock Spec 120C-14.8V - £154.99

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