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New V3 Ball Diff For Laydown/KD/KR  19/07/2019

We are pleased to introduce a revised and improved ball diff for the Cougar Laydown, KD and KR models.
The ball diff is a traditional design with a spring and T nut to apply tension.  The improvements over the v2 ball diff are;

- More simple to assemble.
- Smoother Action. 

U7698 - V3 Ball Diff Complete KD/Laydown/KR - £39.99

Spare parts
U7692 - V3 Diff Washers + Balls - £5.99
U7693 - V3 Diff Male Washer Carrier - KD/Laydown - £8.99
U7694 - V3 Diff Female Washer Carrier - KD/Laydown - £8.99
U7695 - V3 Diff Thrust Race - £4.99
U7696 - V3 Diff T-Nut Inserts - (pr) - £1.99
U7697 - V3 Diff Service Kit - £9.99

Also new is a complete gear diff and separate decal sheet for the Cougar Laydown.