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KO61029 - Servo Model Selector

Servo Model Selector

The Servo Model Selector is a product that changes the model memory selection of KO PROPO RSx and BSx series servos easily.

#What is memory of servos.

RSx,RSx2,BSx2, RSx one10, Bsx2 one10. Thease servos can memorize settings of each parameter in a servo.

You can change models of servos.

#About the specification of the main unit

Connect wire of Servo moel selector to Receiver.( or Battery) and connect servo to this Unit. You will know the model number memory by the number of flashes from the LED.
The number of flashes of the LED are changed by pushing the button of the unit.

Current model number is the pattern of flashes of the LED.

#Product usage

Factory setting of each servos are diffrent. Now(May 2016), No.1 to No.5 memories are same parameter.
But BSx2 one10 Grasper has 2 diffrent model in memories.

Model1 is High spec setting for expert racing. Model2 is more mild setting for drivers. Factory default setthing is model2.
If you use Servo model selector, you can change models of servos easily.

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