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HW30112751 - XERUN XR10 Pro-Stock Spec-1S V4 - Black

XERUN XR10 Pro-Stock Spec-1S V4 - Black

Small & Lightweight
The small size (20% smaller than the standard version XeRun XR10 Pro 1S) saves space and the light weight (only 23.5g w/o wires) provides more weight margin when adjusting the balance of the chassis.

Special Design for Stock 1S Class Racing
The reliable hardware combined with powerful software (contains 5 common select-to-use profiles) provides an ideal power solution to the 1/12th Stock 1S class racing.

Super Internal BEC
The built-in boost BEC with a maximum output of 6A and voltage adjustable between 6V and 7.4V allows users to use various, servos and receivers (without connecting any extra battery).

Adjustable Throttle & Brake PWM Frequencies
The independent and adjustable throttle & brake PWM frequencies guarantee users the precise and accurate throttle and brake control.

Programming/Upgrading/Data Reading Wirelessly
With Hobbywing's "WiFi Express" module and iPhone or an Android phone (with the HOBBYWING WiFi Link software installed), the user can remotely program parameters, upgrade firmware and check relevant data of the ESC without leaving the control stand.

Built-in Electronic Switch
The internal electronic switch with a lifespan of over 50000 on/off cycles completely solves the problems like stuck reed, rust contact points, and automatic shutdown conventional mechanical switches often have.

Data-logging Capability
This ESC features the data-logging function which will record the maximum ESC& motor temperatures, the maximum motor RPM, and etc. in real time and allows users to check those data via a LCD program box or WiFi module after each use.

Scale - 1/12th
Brushed/Brushless - BL
Sensored/Sensorless - SD
Waterproof - No

Cont./Peak Current - 80A/380A
Input Voltage - 1S Lipo/3-4 Cell NiMH
BEC Output - 6V/7.4V@3A

Wires & Connectors
Input Wires - Black-14AWG-200mm*2
Output Wires - Black-14AWG-200mm*3
Input Connectors - No
Output Connectors  - No
(Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.)

ESC Programing via
SET Button on ESC - Not Supported
LED Program Box - Not Supported
LCD Program Box - Supported
WiFi Module - Supported

Separate Programming - Firmware
Firmware Upgrade - Supported

Size & Weight
Size - 31.6x25.8x16.2mm
Weight - 23.5g (w/o Wires)

SL BL Motors
SD BL Motors

Stock 1S class of 1/10th & 1/12th on-road racing.
KV Rating/T Count - ≥10.5T, 3650-size Motor

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HW30112751 XERUN - XR10 - Pro - Stock Spec - 1S - V4 - Black In Stock 95.83 (115.00)
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