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HW30112121051 - XERUN - V3.1 - 1S - Black BL ESC 120A

XERUN - V3.1 - 1S - Black BL ESC 120A

Built-in DC-DC Booster    Built-in Capacitor Module    Built-in Switch Mode BEC


XERUN-120A-1S V3.1


Continuous: 120A, Burst: 830A


3-4 cells NiMH/NiCd or 1S LiPo (Warning: 2S Lipo is not allowed)

Built-in BEC

6V@3A switch mode BEC with built-in DC-DC booster


0.00026 Ohm

Motor Supported

Sensored and sensorless brushless motor

Motor Limit

>=3.0T *
(* For 3 slots, 2poles  540 size motor, and the ESC has zero timing)

Suitable Car

1/12 scale onroad competition or GT12

Cooling Fan

Not Available

External Programming Port Output

6V from built-in BEC
(* The 6V output is usable for external cooling fan)


37.5mm(L) * 31mm(W) * 21.8mm(H)


47.2g,excludes wires

 2 Features

2.1 Specially designed for 1/12 scale on-road competition. The eletronic switch, capacitor module and DC-DC booster are all built-in, save space on chassis.
2.2 Same Factory Pre-set Profiles as XERUN-120A-V3.1 (2-3S version). Up to ten profiles can be stored in the memory and imported or exported easily. Factory pre-set profiles include:
Blinky mode, Modify Mode, Stock mode, Practice mode, etc.
2.3 Aluminum Upper and Bottom Case, giving better heat dissipation, and allowing higher current.
2.4 External Programming Port (EPP), easy to connect and also a power port for external cooling fan.
2.5 Advanced Dynamic Timing technology, providing more customization possibilities for highest level competitions.
2.6 Precise throttle and brake control, setting of drag brake and brake strength with more options, new punch and brake rate control functions, and throttle and brake curves through the PC client.
2.7 Integrated Data logger, recording the maximum temperature of ESC and motor as well as the maximum RPM, using LCD Programming box to check easily in the pits.
2.8 Multi Protection Functions, making your running safe with ESC and Motor overheat protection, low voltage cutoff and throttle signal loss protection.
2.9 Easily programmed with the Multifunction LCD Program Box and USB Link Software
(Note: The V3.2_121204 or later version USB Link Softwarer is stongly recommended for XERUN-120A-1S V3.1 ESC)
2.10 New USB LINK Software graphic interface, providing extra parameters for advanced settings.
2.11 ESC firmware can be updated through the USB adapter in the LCD Program Box.

Instruction Manual






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HW30112121051 XERUN - V3.1 - 1S - BL - ESC - 120A - Black In Stock 118.33 (142.00)
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