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Champions crowned at final BTCC  07/09/2010

Mi4LP's secure all 3 classes in the 2010 Schumacher BTCC with Chris Grainger, James Hart and Zack Finlay!

Round 5 the final round of this years championship was held at the West London Racing Centre track, having looked at the weather forecast there was a chance that light showers would develop mid morning, the wet car maybe required.
With qualifying underway in round 1 it was Malcolm Hall who took TQ  in the stock class, James Hart took TQ with a new track record in the 10.5 class likewise Olly Jefferies did exactly the same in the modified class. 

Round 2 saw Malcolm Hall improve his TQ time setting a new track record with Rob Sawell moving up into second and Zak Finlay third. With the clouds becoming  more dense overhead halfway through round 2 and the showers decided to spoil this round  for the top heat of Pro-stock and the modified heats, everyone hurried to get there wet cars ready some opting to put wets on their dry car and some going out on slicks. In the top heat of 10.5 only one driver went round till the end having not finished his first qualifying heat the rest pulled off and waited till the end of the run Ben Cane had put in a 20 Lapper  in the heat prior to the top one, to be the only other driver in 10.5 to do 20 laps.

Round 3 and with the track drying quickly it was back to slicks for everyone but no improvements into the top 10 for all classes.

After 3 rounds of FTD qualifying the top 10 in each class were:-
Top 10 Stock
1. Malcolm Hall        19 / 303.93
2. Rob Sawell          19 / 315.23
3. Zak Finlay           19 / 315.63
4. Matt Butcher        19 / 316.18
5. Matt Sedgley       18 / 302.31
6. Jake Williams      18 / 308.01
7. Simon Chambers 18 / 308.79
8. David Clift          18 / 311.52
9. Les Baldry          18 / 314.30
10. William Stuart   18 / 314.88

Top 10 Pro-stock
1. James Hart            20 / 313.20
2. Ben Cane              20 / 315.27
3. Ryan Edwards        19 / 303.34
4. Mark Musgrove      19 / 304.16
5. Jordon Howe         19 / 304.56
6. Andy Murray         19 / 304.83
7. Alex Gardener      19 / 305.09
8. Richard Thorpe     19 / 307.32
9. Sam Clifton          19 / 308.83
10. Steve Lissamore 19 / 308.94

Top 10 Modified
1. Olly Jefferies           20 / 302.62
2. Elliott Harper           20 / 302.93
3. Chris Grainger         20 / 305.68
4. Colin Price               20 / 307.23
5. Matt White               20 / 310.51
6. Alan Bickerstaff        20 / 313.72
7. John Pape                20 / 313.83
8. Jonathan Aird           20 / 319.17
9. Phil Chambers          19 / 302.64
10. Stephen Cresswell  19 / 302.66


Stock A final leg 1
This final Saw local driver Malcolm Hall take a comfortable win leading from start to finish, Young Zak Finlay title contender was second, third was Matt Sedgley 700ths of a second in front of Matt Butcher and rounding out the top 5 was Rob Sawell.
Stock A leg 2

It was again Malcolm Hall who took the win never looking like he would be challenged from the start to the finish of this leg, moving up 2 places from his grid position it was Matt Butcher taking second with Rob Sawell third knowing before this final that fourth would be good enough to take the title Zak Finlay did just that rounding out the top five was Jake Williams.

Top 3 after both finals were:-
1. Malcolm Hall
2. Zak Finlay
3. Matt Butcher

Top 3 in the Championship
1. Zak Finlay MI4 LP
2. Jake Williams MI4 LP
3. Scott Hauser   MI4 LP

Well done Zak Finlay BTCC 2010 13.5 Champion.

Pro-stock A Leg 1
After taking TQ in qualifying it was down to James Harts’ championship rivals, Mark Musgrove and Sam Clifton to make a challenge and hope James made a mistake. The buzzer went and everyone got a clean getaway with the other drivers all trying to gain places James drove faultlessly from start to finish only being challenged by Ben Cane on the first couple of laps and from then on he drove away from the rest of the field to take a comfortable first leg win by 5 seconds from Ben Cane, a great drive from Steve Lissamore saw him take third from tenth on the grid, fourth was Jordon Howe and fifth Sam Clifton.

Pro-stock A Leg 2
A similar story to the first final James Hart Lead from start to finish but with Ben Cane going off the track at the first corner, no one was ever close enough to challenge him for the win. Ben drove really after being last on the first corner to come back to finish in second place.  From seventh on the grid Alex Gardener made excellent progress to take third, fourth was Schumacher’s Mark Musgrove with fifth place going to Andy Murray.

The top 3 after both finals were:-
1. James Hart
2. Ben Cane
3. Mark Musgrove

Top 3 in Pro-stock Championship
1. James Hart  MI4 LP
2. Mark Musgrove  MI4 LP
3. Sam Clifton  MI4 LP

James Hart BTCC 2010 Pro-stock Champion


Modified A leg 1
Olly Jefferies lead off the line and managed to pull a small gap on Elliott Harper and Chris Granger who in turn pulled a gap on the rest of the field this is how the whole leg went until a couple of laps from the end, when what can only be described as the best overtake of this years’ BTCC saw Chris get past Elliot through the most narrow gap u could imagine without any contact. At 5 minutes Olly took the victory from Chris with Elliot a further 2 tenths of a second behind him fourth went to Colin Price and rounding out the top 5 was matt White a ripple of applause went round the track at the end of this final for the excellent driving displayed.

Modified A leg 2
This final again saw Olly Jefferies lead from pole position a lead which he held for the full five minutes completing another double win as in Pro-Stock and Stock classes. Second place in this final was Colin Price with Chris Grainger finishing third, Elliott Harper fourth and rounding out the top five in this final was Phil Chambers.

The top 3 after both finals:-
1. Olly Jeffries
2. Chris Grainger
3. Colin Price

Top 3 modified championship
1. Chris Grainger  MI4 LP
2. John Pape  MI4 LP
3. Elliott Harper

Schumacher would like to take this opportunity to thank West London Racing Centre for their hospitality and excellent run meeting and the efforts of the committee and members when the food van didn’t turn up and they provided us with hot food at very short notice. It is always a pleasure to visit this venue and made so welcome.
That brings this years’ championship to a close. We would like to thank you all for supporting and attending the series this year and hope to see you all again next year for yet another great BTCC Schumacher Championship.

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