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Top results in Sweden  01/06/2011

This last weekend round 1 of the 1/10th EP buggy Swedish nationals was held in Arsunda, Sweden. The track is a large dirt track also used for 1/8th racing and it was offering a good challenge for the drivers with it's technical sections and large jumps. The conditions during the weekend was mixed, muddy, dry and dusty, newly prepped and loose, hardpacked and bumpy.

In the qualifying Schumacher drivers Magnus Vassmar and Peter Eriksson took 3rd and 4th with their Cougar SV '11 cars.
The finals saw some close battles but in the end it was Magnus Vassmar who took the win by winning the first two finals. Peter closly followed in 2nd place.
The Cougars worked really well the whole weekend in all conditions.

Top 10:
1. Maguns Vassmar - Schumacher Cougar SV '11
2. Peter Eriksson - Schumacher Cougar SV '11
3. PerErik Nordman
4. Mikael Johansson
5. Lars Jonsson
6. Mattias Forsberg
7. Jan Dahl
8. Joel Olsson
9. Erik Andersson
10. Niclas Mansson

It was the first race and outing with the new CAT SX3 cars. The cars worked very well from the go but the track during quali was very bumpy and hard to get clean rounds in. After qualifying Peter ended up in 10th and Magnus in 5th. The finals was very tough and saw some close fights. Peter made some very solid drives and took 5th in the end. Magnus ended up in 6th.

Top 10:
1. Niclas Mansson
2. Mikael Johansson
3. Mattias Forsberg
4. PerErik Nordman
5. Peter Eriksson - Schumacher CAT SX3
6. Magnus Vassmar - Schumacher CAT SX3
7. Johannes Edren
8. Jan Dahl
9. Lars Jonsson
10. Robin Lindgren

Overall it was a great weekend. First win for the Cougar at the nationals + second place. Good first race with the SX3 cars.

Congratulations to the team!

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