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Contact wins Dutch Nationals Rd5  09/08/2011

Last weekend it was only a week ago when we came from the European Championship in Luxembourg but this weekend it was time for the 5th Dutch National at the beautiful track in Apeldoorn.

On saturday we had some practice until 15:00 because then the showers came and made the track wet and it was not possible to dry before 17:00.
We tried some softer tires and it seemed it worked alot better on the R&B powered Xray RX8. Further more we experimented on some slight changes on the rear geometry of the car. Roll-centers and camberchange settings made the care act more faster in the tight corners of the track. We were happy and called it the day just before the rain came.

On sunday the top 4 were very close in qualifying. At Q1 I had the lead until the last minute. Due to alot of tire wear my car pulled to the right side of the straight and I hit the grass and went off.

In Q2 I had a perfect run and had provisional pole with 29 laps in 7:08.82 closley followed by Steven Cuijpers with 29 laps in 7:08.88

In Q3 I decided not to defend my pole but to test tirer for the final. The track was a bit faster because of the rising temperatures so Rick and Steven were able to defeat my Q2 time with 1 second. Rick  had 29 laps in 7:07.2 and Steven in 7:07.5. I was in third place and that was enough for a direct place in the final.

Ranking after qualifying:
Pos Name Laps Total time Best time Car/Engine
1 Rick Vrielijnck 29 7:07.212 14.257 Mugen/Novarossi
2 Steven Cuypers 29 7:07.538 14.308 Mugen/Picco
3 John Ermen 29 7:08.822 14.218 Xray/R&B/Contact/Tornado
4 Gunther van Steay 29 7:11.875 14.368 Serpent/Xceed
5 Arie Manten 28 7:07.565 14.679 Mugen/Picco
6 Marcel Schouten 27 7:09.312 14.892 Mugen/Novarossi
7 Frank Baggen 27 7:11.117 15.027 Serpent/Picco
8 Michiel Renting 27 7:11.477 15.057 Shepherd/Orion
9 Wesley van Silfhout 27 7:15.215 15.297 -
10 Richard Engbersen 26 7:00.358 15.279 Kyosho/Novarossi

At the start of the final everyone had a clean start and I was able to take 2nd place before the first corner. I was then on Rick's tail and was able to get a clean pass just befor the first fuelstop. I then pulled away from the field and had a clean run to take home the win. After the tire changes Steven had passed Rick and could close the gap to 4 seconds, but is was nog enough and I took the win.

After the 30 mins. final this was the result:
Pos Name Time Laps Car/Engine
1 John Ermen 30:12.278 120 Xray/R&B/Contact/Tornado
2 Steven Cuypers 30:14.413 120 Mugen/Picco
3 Rick Vrielijnck 30:08.990 119 Mugen/Novarossi
4 Arie Manten 30:10.997 113 Mugen/Picco
5 Frank Baggen 30:04.542 111 Serpent/Picco
6 Michiel Renting 30:14.113 110 Shepherd/Orion
7 Marcel Schouten 30:09.287 109 Mugen/Novarossi
8 Richard Engbersen 30:05.162 108 Kyosho/Novarossi
9 Martin Zevenhoven 24:18.325 86 Serpent/Mega
10 Gunther van Staey 14:53.986 47 Serpent/Xceed

I would like to thank my sponsors: Xray, Rc-Connect, R&B, Contact Tires and Tornado fuel for the support and ofcourse my dad and Ismail for the fast pitstops and perfectley executed tire change.

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