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Robert Wins with Contact Tyres  24/08/2011

Contact RC tyres was in Ettlingen for the European 1/10th Gas Championship. 
The race track was renowned to be really demanding on the tyres, very nice and very fast but due to more than one factor tyre wear was quite high and traction was never enough.
Contact Tyres arrive in Ettlingen with a very good Team. Robert Pietsch, Dario Balestri, Jerome Renaux and a new driver Kyle Branson together with Uwe Baldes.
The Fight for pole position was really close, but Robert in 3th round made a super 31 laps in 7.06 sec TQ of the race.
Kyle had a very well settled car and drove excellently but suffered with power problems and couldn’t bump up. Jerome was well settled on the engine side had problems arriving at the right car set up, so Dario and Robert made it through to the semi finals for Contact Tyres. Robert won his semi final easily, unfortunately Dario made a few mistakes with a difficult car and finish fourth in his semi finals but he bumped up into the final.
In the main it was clear the only a fight was between Robert Pietsch and Dirk Wischneski.  Robert in each step of 4 minutes was able to take something on Dirk and during the tyre change Robert mechanics took another 6 second on Dirk. From that point Robert was leading 1 lap ahead of Dirk and was able to control the race until the end.
At end of the race tyre wear was exactly what we calculate and Robert was able to give this European Title to him and his Mugen – Novarossi – Contact Tyres car.
Congratulations from all at Contact tyres to Robert on another fantastic victory!


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