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Do you want to know the most current news, learn about new product releases and obtain all the major race results from Schumacher? Then these pages are for you! You will find the very latest information in this section. Please bookmark and return to these pages as often as you can.

TQ and Win in Ireland 17/08/2012
Derek drives CAT SX3 to victory..

4 out of 4 for Grainger 10/08/2012
BTCC Round 4 Snetterton...

Great results at German Nationals 09/08/2012
Hofer reports....

1-2 at BRCA Halifax 06/08/2012
Grainger and Price dominate

Grainger makes IFMAR Worlds top 10 30/07/2012
Great performance with Mi4CXL

Grant Williams wins in Belgium 12/07/2012
Belgium GP Victory for CAT SX3..

More Schumacher at Danish Nationals 06/07/2012
Young guns going well..

Martin Hofer Reports 04/07/2012
Great weekend for the team in Germany...

Lloyd Reigns in Spain 02/07/2012
TQ and Win at Spanish Nationals..

Grainger Dominates BTCC WLRC 07/06/2012
Little on the moist side....

CAT SX3 Wins in Greece 17/05/2012
Dimitris Tsigkos wins Rd2

AMSCI Touring car championship 17/05/2012
RD 1 Bientina (PI)

Schumacher GP at WLRC 09/05/2012
Great results for the team, 1-2-3 finish

Sorex Chosen for IFMAR Worlds 27/04/2012
Official control tyre supplier.....

Schumacher BTCC Rd1 Cotswolds 25/04/2012
Grainger wins season opener....

BRCA Off Road Rd1 Stotfold 18/04/2012
Great performance by the team...

Derek Dominates in Ireland 05/04/2012
Cougar SV2 and CAT SX3 going well..

Mi4CXL wins in Portugal 05/04/2012
Fernando takes Stock Class...

Mi4CXL dominance in Danish TC Series 05/04/2012
One for the future....

Mi4CXL cleans sweeps the Tasmanian Titles 13/03/2012
Great results down under

Luca Albanase wins Trofeo Aliens Italy 05/04/2012
Great results for Cougar SV2...

Paul Pinkney Wins Again!!! 13/03/2012
Mi4CXL Dominates...

Paul Pinkney Wins Rug Racers Champs 08/03/2012
Mi4CXL Performs Faultlessly..

Dirt Trax Series 6 Round up from Canada 21/02/2012
Jake Solt Dominates...

Contact Tyres Wins Winter Nationals 20/02/2012
Paul Lemieux takes it....

Enrique Fucinos signs and wins 20/02/2012
Spanish National Champion on board..

New Cougar SV2 Dominates EIR Race 09/02/2012
Tom Cockerill TQs and wins both classes

Simon Moss Re Joins Schumacher 06/02/2012
Back to the green green grass of home..

Lloyd Wins Winter Warm Up 09/01/2012
Cougar SV on Top...

Winter BTCC Rd1 22/11/2011
UK Top Guns battle it out....

1-2 Finish at Schumacher Masters 08/11/2011
Tom & Greg awesome at Worksop....

Jonny Aird Joins Schumacher 14/10/2011
Top driver strengthens team..

Contact RC BRCA Champions 13/10/2011
Joe Kerry wins 1/10th title..

Luca Albanese takes 1st in Italy 07/10/2011
Schumacher dominates!!!

Andy Robson Wins TORC Series 07/10/2011
Mi4CX performed well..

Double winning weekend for Contact Tyres 28/09/2011
ROAR and BRCA National wins

Last round of the Italian UISP 21/09/2011
Great Results...

Matt White wins final BRCA National 20/09/2012
Great performance from Mi4CX..

Fantastic Final BTCC Round 06/09/2012
Mendip Hosts great event..

Jack is BRCA U13 Winner 09/09/2012
Great run with CAT and Cougar

Robert Wins with Contact Tyres 24/08/2011
EFRA 1/10th Gas Champion

Contact wins Dutch Nationals Rd5 09/08/2011
John Ermen takes it..

Another great BTCC 08/08/2011
Mi4CX TQ's all classes....

Contact Tyres TQs Euros 03/08/2011
A very good week...

Contact Tyres wins BRCA National 02/08/2011
Joe Kerry on form..

Tom Cockerill Wins oOple Race 02/08/2011
CAT SX3 dominates 4WD

Mi4CX TQ 1st and 2nd at BRCA Cotswolds 15/07/2011
Mark Wallace takes first national TQ & win

Hofer Crowned ETS Pro Stock Champion 14/07/2011
Awesome first series!!

Martin Hofer reports...... 01/07/2011
Details of his last ETS race

Double win in Sweden for Vassmar 27/06/2011
CAT SX3 & Cougar SV going strong

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