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Schumacher Dominates Battle of the Green  20/03/2013

This past weekend Dirt Trax 2.0 hosted thier first large event on thier new Astro Turf track in Ottawa Ontario Canada. With Team Schumacher testing some new rubber for a month before the event Ontario was in a buzz of anticipation for the upcoming battles that were to come! Nobody  left disappointed. With tire and car manufactures represented from across Canada the stage was set for some incredible racing and battles behind the scenes!
Rounds 1 thru 4 2wd Mod Buggy:
Opening round 1 Schumacher / Dynamic Hobbies driver Matt Stacey lays down a good consistent run on the new Schumacher Block tire to set early TQ. Team Durango ace, and heavily favored driver Joe Limlaw had to settle in for a distant second .. Shumacher driver Jake Solt (Still testing various inserts on the new tire) settled in for 6th after round 1.
Rounds 3 and 4 Matt Stacey continued to be dominate and reset TQ two more times to settle in for 1st over all heading into the final mains on Sunday, with teammate Jake solts sitting 4th on the grid.
Rounds 1 thru 4 4wd Mod Buggy:
Opening rounds would see Mike Zufelt pilot his new Schumacher K1, sporting the new tyre, dominate rounds 1 thru 4 on Saturday and Sunday and take a commanding TQ
Matt Stacey would settle in for 3rd overall with the K1 after runnning consistent rounds.
Jake Solt continued to improve throughout each round going from 7th in round 1 to settling in the number 4 spot behind team mate Matt Stacey. Again heavily favored Durnago Joe Limlaw settled in the No. 5 spot.
Schumacher 4wd ace Billy Sutton was looking a little tired in opening rounds, likely too many hours with the UK getting the new tyres on the go, going 16th over all in round 1. After doing some wrenching round 2 jumped to 10th overall adn round 3 saw a good consistent run to go 7th overall. But with everyone getting faster a decision was made to go to a slower motor to "tame" the car down ... in round 4 he slipped to 10th overall, missing the Amain and leading to another great battle and run.
Sunday ... The Mains
2wd Amain.
With his SV2 sitting on pole, Matt Stacey held the lead in dominate fashion which he held untill some misfortunes on the big table top ended his dominating run in 2wd. Leaving Joe Limlaw to take over the lead in the 8 minute run. With the news of his teammate out  at the 6 minute it was all up to Jake Solt With little time left on the clock Jake layed down an impressive charge to take the lead from Mr. Limlaw with 45 seconds left on the clock. The next 2 laps saw Jake play it smart take it easy and close the door on the hard charging Mr. Limlaw to bring home a win for Schumacher!
It was also noted that by the time Sunday rolled around for the mains. All but 2 cars had switched over to the new Schumacher blocks.

Final Finishing Order:
TQ Matt Stacey (Schumacher SV2 ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
1st Jake Solt (Schumacher SV2  ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
2nd Joe Limlaw (Durango)
3rd Johnathon Gangon (Losi  ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
4th Chris Gruver (Kyosho  ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
5th Clint Ford (Tamiya  ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
6th Kevin Tyler (Kyosho)
7th Matt Stacey (Schumacher SV2  ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
8th Shawn Breen (Losi  ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
4wd A & B Mains
The battle of 4wds in Ottawa has been ongoing for the past 3 years and this battle would continue in fashion at the Battle of the green!
It starts out in a heavily stacked BMain with Schumacher pilot Billy Sutton taking BQ narrowly over Tamiya driver Eddie Mon ... Only .03 of a second seperated these 2 on the grid. With these two going head to head to battle for the only bump up spot into the AMain everyone was on hand to watch!
The K1 of Billy's was now back to sporting his typical Speed Passion 5.5 and it showed from start to finish. Billy layed down a good solid run and never lost the lead from buzzer to buzzer forcing Mr. Mon to puch ard and make the mistakes needed to allow Mr. Sutton's K1 to take the final spot heading into the AMain. Looked like Mr. Sutton had finaly gotten some rest from working so hard on the new tyres!
Amain grid was set with all of the drivers under so much pressure and anticipation for the opening horn ... Everyone jumped the start! Race director Mike Maunders halted the cars and ordered a restart a decision was made not to head out penalties as virtualy everyone left early!
The restart was perfect and with an 8 minute main nobody was taking any chances and basicaly a train of cars followed eachother around and blinding speeds for 3 laps before the battles would start. Up front Mr. Zufelt was looking very comfortable with his K1 behind him the first battle would start to shape up...
Team mates Matt Stacey and Jake Solt had the favored Durango ace Joe Limlaw between them ... It was also pointed out that Mr. Limlaw was sporting a fresh set of the new Schumacher Block tyres for the main! Limlaw got past Jake Solt to claim the 3rd position behind Matt Stacey's K1, shortly after that Jake Solt had some bad luck and was forced to retire early.
Behind them the Kyosho, XRay and Tamiya boys were swapping postions like there was no tomorrow but it was Billy Sutton's K1 showing great patience and slowly keeping the field right in front of him and within site at all times. Somewhere around the three minute mark ... someone called to the race director for time remaining call.
Mike Zufelt's K1 now way ahead of all of the battles going on behind him it was evident that he was going to cruise to the finish at the 2 minute mark. 2 minutes to go was called and the battles began again! With everyone on the track struggling for positions the K1 of Mr. Sutton picked up the pace and moved his way through the field and with 2 laps remaining passed his team mate Matt Stacey for the 3rd position and continued to push hard to catch 2nd place car Joe Limlaw ... unfortunately time would run out. Mean while outfront Mike Zufelt's K1 was now far out of reach for anyone to catch!

Final Order 4wd Modified AMain:
TQ Mike Zufelt (Schumacher K1 ... Block Tires (Yellow)
1st Mike Zufelt (Schumacher K1 ... Block Tires (Yellow))
2nd Joe Limlaw (Durango ...  Block Tires (Yellow))
3rd Billy Sutton (Schumacher K1 ... Block Tires (Yellow))
4th Matt Stacey (Schumacher K1 ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
5th Chris Gruver (Kyosho ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
6th Kevin Tyler (Kyosho ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
7th Jake Solt (Schumacher SX3 ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
8th Gordie Tam (Tamiya ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
9th Shawn Breen (X-Ray ... Schumacher Block Tires (Yellow))
Another great event put on in the Nations Capital and again excellent work from everyone involved! On an additional note we (RCOttawa racing community) would like to thank Billy Sutton for all of his efforts put into the new Schumacher tyre. We would also like to thank everyone at Schumacher for thier continued support over the years and for all the extra hours and work that was put into bringing the new tire in time for this great event put on at the new Dirt Trax 2.0!

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