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Do you want to know the most current news, learn about new product releases and obtain all the major race results from Schumacher? Then these pages are for you! You will find the very latest information in this section. Please bookmark and return to these pages as often as you can.

Schumacher Indoor Off Road Masters Rd 5 12/02/2014
Waters wins in 2WD with Cougar SV2..

SupaStox Dominates BRCA Rd 4 21/01/2014
Wins for Mcdonagh and Ashton...

Markus Metsch Joins 13/01/2014
Top German Ace....

Tom Cockerill Wins DHI Cup 13/01/2014
Great run with the Cougar KF....

Darren Bloomfield Signs 11/12/2013
1-10th Activities covered...

Victorian State Titles 04/12/2013
Scott Giles reports from Australia..

Welcome Micha 26/11/2013
Young talent joins up...

Great Entry at Chippenham 26/11/2013
2 from 3 for Schumacher cars

Schumacher Indoor Masters Rd2 25/11/2013
Great turn out at Worksop..

Mi5 Dominates Hara Jet Cup ACO Race 21/11/2013
Atsushi Hara riding with Mi5...

Schumacher GT12 Grand Prix 20/11/2013
Full details available...

SupaStox dominates BRCA Rd2 20/11/2013
Wins for Hall and Clifton..

Cockerill at it again 18/11/2013
Double win for K1 and KF in Belgium..

New Cougar KF Dominates 13/11/2013
Awesome start at Silverstone....

Mi5 Portuguese Stock Champion 12/11/2013
Ricardo Gama wins title

Double Podium Finish at EWS 22/10/2013
Mi5 going well again...

Jim Lee Reports from NI 17/10/2013
Great going with Mi5..

Two top drivers join the team 15/10/2013
Waters and Helliwell..

Schumacher Indoor Masters 15/10/2013
Wins for Cragg and Collinson at Rd1

TQ and win for K1 in Australia 14/10/2013
Scott Giles reports..

Rob Betts Double TQ in the USA 08/10/2013
Great going....

Schumacher at the Worlds 04/10/2013
Team Perform Well...

Stotfold Winter Series 04/10/2013
5 Round Series...

Ricardo Gama wins in Portugal 02/10/2013
2013 Stock Champion with Mi5..

CAT K1 Wins Rudebits GP 01/10/2013
Lloyd takes win...

Grainger wins BRCA Championship 30/09/2013
Mi5 Victorious...

Rasmussen wins 4WD Danish Champs 06/09/2013
CAT K1 takes title....

Hofer Double TQ and Win 04/09/2013
TMS Round 3 - Germany

Stock 1-2 at German Nationals 23/08/2013
Mi5 Dominates...

Great Result in Taiwan 23/08/2013
Josh Close on Tour...

Cougar SV2 wins Swedish Nationals 23/08/2013
Magnus Vassmar on top...

Mi5 Wins Dutch Nationals Rd4 30/07/2013
Mitchell van Es on top...

BRCA Off Road Stotfold 29/07/2013
Great team performance...

Derek McCloskey wins 29/07/2013
CAT K1 Takes Irish Rd1...

Grainger wins Rd3 BRCA Nationals 22/07/2013
5 Mi5's in each A Main...

Raul Sancho wins 17/07/2013
Mi5 strong in Spain...

oOple Race Round 3 08/07/2013
Double Championship win...

CARS-AMC Shootout win 27/06/2013
UK Pan Car Racing...

Victory at Belgium GP 01/07/2013
Tom take 4WD with CAT K1..

Schumacher WL GP 2013 26/06/2013
Mi5 TQ in Mod, TQ and win in 13.5T

oOple Series Round 2 17/06/2013
Top Results..

BRCA North East Regional 2013 21/06/2013
Schumacher cars dominate..

Territorio Cup - Madrid 30/05/2013
Great Mi5 debut in Spain...

Schumacher Mi5 does the Double 29/05/2013
Schumacher BTCC Rd 2..

Danish win for CAT K1 20/05/2013
Jesper Rasmussen wins...

Schumacher in Spain 20/05/2013
Tom and Trish at Rd2 Nationals..

Maddison wins with new ride 16/05/2013
Victory for Mi5...

BRCA Off Road Rd1
Good Start for Moss...

Grainger Dominates final warm up 29/04/2013
Mi5 getting better and better..

Schumacher Cougar SVR wins 26/04/2013
JConcepts Spring National...

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