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Schumacher BTCC 2013  25/04/2013

Last weekend saw just over 100 entries for the first round of the 2013 BTCC, for once the weather was dry and all was looking quite good for the whole weekend.
Many drivers decided to turn up on the Saturday so they could get some practice in with their cars before race day on Sunday.
There were some new cars being used this weekend and one of them was the Schumacher MI5 that was being ran by some of the team, still in prototype form though, for most this was their first time out with the new car so a lot to learn and test.
The race classes for this year's BTCC are 17.5 Blinky class, 13.5 and also Modified.

So on to race day, it was Cotswolds Race Director Doug Tanner and Schumacher's Mark Musgrove who gathered all the drivers for the drivers briefing, everyone was informed of the format and proceedings for the day along with other general info.

Round 1 started off at 9AM and all drivers were told they would each have 3 rounds of Qualifying along with 2 Finals and FTD was being used for Qualifying.

so into the 17.5 Blinky class and it was Les Baldry who would line up on pole. After both legs of the A final had taken place the result was as follows:

17.5 Blinky A Final

1 Les Baldry
2 Nigel Shaw
3 John Davie
4 Ian Newton
5 A Parkes
6 Chris Thompson
7 Chris Day
8 Warren Fox

Moving onto the 13.5 and this class saw some fast action and some great close racing throughout the finals.
Lining up on pole position was Liam Brooks, after both legs of the finals the result was:

13.5 A Final

1 Liam Brooks
2 Richard King
3 James Baker
4 Lee Price  Schumacher MI5
5 Zak Finlay
6 Ben Putt
7 Chris Gunter
8 Matthew Lax
9 Rich White
10 Mark Wallace  Schumacher MI5

Then moving onto the Modified class, this once again saw some great close racing throughout and it is amazing how fast these cars are these days with all of the modern technology.
So lining up on pole was Elliott Harper, after both legs of the finals the result was:

Modified A Final

1 Elliott Harper
2 Chris Grainger Schumacher MI5
3 Olly Jefferies
4 Colin Price  Schumacher MI5
5 Alan Bickerstaff
6 Matthew White  Schumacher MI5
7 James Hart
8 Paul Pinkney  Schumacher MI5
9 Zak Smith
10 Stefan Chodzynski

After the racing had finsihed the trophies were given out to the top 3 in each final and then the traditional Schumacher BTCC raffle was drawn, the way it works is each entry goes into the raffle and if your name is drawn you win a prize, but you have to be there to claim your prize. Some great prices once again from Schumacher Racing and several hundred pounds of prizes was given away.

Remember there will be a raffle at every event we hold as always in the BTCC, so stay until the end at each event to claim your prize if you are lucky.

Congratulations to all the Final winners and also to the raffle winners.

A huge thanks as always goes to Doug and the team at the Cotswolds race track who put on a great event once again.

The next round of the Series is being held at the Stafford race track on Sunday 26th May 2013, entries are still available, so get yourself booked in through www.centralbooking.org if you haven't already done so.

Hope to see you there.

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