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Pablo Fernandez Wins 2WD in Spain  12/12/2014

Last weekend was the 2014 edition of the Bumpers Indoor Race in A Coruña, Spain. This race is being more popular each year and drivers from Spain and Portugal came each edition. The track was very fast paced, with plenty of jumps to keep the drivers entertained. Saturday would see a day of practice, with 2 controlled rounds late in the day to seed the heats for the following day. Sunday would have 5 rounds of qualifying and 3 finals for all.
Since the first practice, Schumacher driver Pablo Fernández and Durango driver Nuno Roque were the fastest drivers, followed by Adrián Santeiro (Team C) and Jose Miguel Cantos (Associated). On Sunday, Nuno Roque laid down the quickest time’s in rounds 1, 2 and 4, to take the TQ position. Behind him, Pablo Fernández takes the rounds 3 and 5, followed by Jose Miguel Cantos in the Top 3 on qualifying. Going into the 7 minute finals, leg 1 saw Pablo, who took advantage of a mistake of Nuno, took the win, having driven a mistake free run. Leg 2 again saw Pablo taking the win with another great run without mistakes and being very fast with his cougar KF, to take the overall win. Pablo chose to run leg 3, and him and Nuno had a nice fight until the last turn, but Pablo was able to win also this leg. Behind him, Nuno Roque and Jose Miguel Cantos completed the podium.

2wd Top 10:
1 - Pablo Fernández Rodríguez         Schumacher
2 - Nuno Roque                               Durango
3 - Jose Miguel Cantos Davia            Associated
4 - Gonzalo Fernández Rodríguez      Team C
5 - Nuno Casal Ribeiro                      Associated
6 - Adrian Santeiro Vilar                   Team C
7 - Clemente Rodríguez Lavin            Associated
8 - Alex Casal                                  Schumacher
9 - Luis Henrique Oliveira Godinho     Kyosho
10 - Dany Fernández                        Schumacher


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